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Winterizing Your Nissan in Alabama? It is the Right Thing to Do

Maybe it doesn't dip below the freezing mark in Daphne, AL all that often, but that doesn't mean you should skip some simple maintenance tasks on your Nissan Altima or Sentra.  The Service Center at Eastern Shore Nissan wants to help you to make sure your daily driver stays in top condition during the colder winter months this year with this easy checklist:

  •   Check the Antifreeze: The radiator coolant is designed to make sure your engine doesn't overheat in the summer or struggle to run in colder conditions. It does lose its efficiency over time. Have your coolant checked and changed to guarantee you don't get stranded during the holidays.
  • Rotate and Inspect the Tires: Avoid getting stuck on muddy roads and have your tires rotated to minimize tread wear as much a possible. If the remaining tread is less than 1/8 inch, it is time to get them replaced.
  • Update Your Emergency Kit: Check your trunk for flares, the tire jack, tire iron, an emergency light, air compressor, gloves, and screwdriver. Add a quart of oil, a gallon of windshield washer fluid, traction mats, and jumper cables. Replace any missing items and be ready to help yourself and others on dark country roads.
  • Test the Heater and Heated Seats: There is nothing worse than climbing into a cold car on a frosty morning and getting no heat from the vents. Give it a quick test and have it repaired before the cold snap arrives. Don't forget to make sure those fancy heated seats are doing their job, too.
  • Change the Windshield Wipers and Check Washer Fluid:  Your wipers will wear out whether they are moving simple raindrops or snowflakes. Take the time to have them swapped out now and while you are at it, top up the washer fluid reservoir.  Now you will have a clear view all winter long.
  • Test and Inspect the Brakes: Should it actually get cold enough to ice over the roads, only your brakes will help you to come to a safe stop.  While bringing in your Nissan for its next oil change, have the brake pads and rotors inspected for wear. If it has been over 50,000 miles since your last brake service, it is also a good idea to have the brake fluid replaced to ensure the best possible performance. 
  • Test and Replace the Battery: The aging battery has to work harder to get your engine going when the temperature drops below 40F. It only takes a couple minutes to have the service center test the efficiency of your battery.  If yours is more than four years old, now is a good time to have it replaced before you get stuck down some graveled road after dark.

Keep your Nissan moving, even during an unexpected snow storm, and schedule a visit to the service center at Eastern Shore Nissan in Daphne, AL today. Use our simple online scheduler and we will take care of all your needed maintenance in a snap.