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Safety Tips For Summer Storms

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun! Unfortunately, it also means that strong summer storms can swing through without a moment’s warning, turning your sun-drenched road trip into a soaking wet slog through treacherous traffic. Here are some pro safety tips for you just in case you get stuck on the soggy side of the street:

  • Check your tires regularly: This seems pretty simple, but plenty of people forget to do it. Take the time to frequently inspect the tread on your tires. If your tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch, you need to replace them. If you’re unsure of how to check this precisely, you can use the penny test: Put a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head upside down, if you can see the top of his head, you definitely need to replace your tires.
  • Slow(er) & steady: Another pretty elementary tip is to reduce your speed when driving through summer showers and storms. Your braking ability in wet road conditions is going to be less than optimal, so a slower speed helps prevent collisions; especially when visibility low.
  • Avoid puddles when possible: Hydroplaning is something that causes your car to skid or slide out of control on wet roads and when you drive through a puddle at high speeds, your chance of losing control and hydroplaning is greatly increased. If you must drive through a puddle, adjust your speed accordingly. If you begin to hydroplane, take your foot off the gas and keep your steering wheel pointed in the desired direction. Do not hard brake, this will do more harm than good.

If you’re unsure of how to best prepare your vehicle for summer storms, or you need a vehicle service, come to Matt Bowers Nissan and see one of our service experts. We offer a wide range of services, and carry tires, brakes, and much more. If you’re shopping for a new car, we have an excellent selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles. We’re here so that you can face whatever comes your way with peace of mind, rain or shine!