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See who triumphs in this detailed comparison of two of the best crossover SUVs on the market.

SUVs were all the rage of the past decade. In the years since the SUV became a prominent figure in the market, manufacturers have consistently revised and improved upon these vehicles to create a much more effective car to passenger platform, which birthed from the ashes a brand-new pedigree of automotive brilliance which has come to be known as the crossover. 

When comparing the Nissan Armada vs Toyota Sequoia, you will find that there is one that truly speaks to who you are and that the real winner of both these titans of the road, would be you. Whether you have your family of eight in tow, want to feel like royalty on the road, or value the increased security of their sheer size, both the Nissan Armada and the Toyota Sequoia are well known and popular models of this headstrong classification. 

Which one is right for you? Let's look at the specifications.

Engine Specs
The first on the menu of comparisons is the underlying power of both these behemoths. The Toyota Sequoia boasts a 5.7-liter V8 engine which produces 401 pound-feet of torque. When we switch our attention to the competitor, it falls just shy of these numbers. The Nissan Armada comes in slightly weaker with a 5.6-liter V8 engine and produces 7 pound-feet of torque less than the Toyota Sequoia at 394. 

If we were to pair these hungry competitors side by side and had a straight-line race, the Toyota Sequoia would be slightly (and we do mean slightly) faster. Motor Trend tested both these vehicles, and the Sequoia came in at 6.2 seconds when doing 0 to 60 miles per hour, whereas the Nissan Armada posted a 6.3 in the same category.

Braking system
Just as the great oak tree is powerful, it must also be flexible and know when to limit its strength. The same is true for both these titans, as the carmakers know to stop these voracious vehicles, they must install the only state of the art braking systems and tires. 

When braking, the Toyota Sequoia is safer, as tested by Motor Trend. In the demonstration where both vehicles were in the same environment and told to decelerate from 60MPH to 0, the Toyota Sequoia stopped shorter at 122 feet, whereas the Nissan Armada stopped at 128 feet.

If we turn our attention to the tires, the Toyota Sequoia sports much bigger tires than the Nissan Armada competitor. The dimensions of the Sequoia are 275/65R18, while the Armada is at 265/70R18. Due to the size, the Sequoia provides the better traction in this competition. 

Comparing the 65 series to the 70 series also provides us with the conclusion that the Toyota Sequoia will gift you superior handling as the much sturdier sidewall of the 65 series gives it a lower height to width ratio, providing a stiffer and lower center of gravity.

For those that prefer the platinum, pro or limited tires, the Toyota Sequoia would have a 55-series compared to the Nissan Armada's 60 series, so the competition would be equally similar. The track on the wheels also provides the Sequoia with enhanced handling and stability as the vehicle is 0.4 inches wider at the front and 1.2 inches wider at the back when compared with the Nissan Armada.

Handling and Suspension
Your vehicle should embody who you are. You spend most of the day driving to work, dropping your children off at school, running errands and planning family trips. You want to feel in control of your life and your vehicle, so it is very important to look at how these behemoths handle.

The Toyota Sequoia dons an adjustable suspension system. This system is adjustable by the driver, which lets you select between a lounge setting, that prevents and diminishes drowsiness and fatigue for those long road trips and sing-alongs, and a sportier setting, which provides the most control to the driver for those challenging country and off-road. From a safety perspective, the Nissan Armada does not offer its suspension maneuverable shock absorbers. 

If you are a frequent driver of the off-road, the Sequoia would be more maneuverable, as the Motor Trend tested both vehicles in a turning circle. The Toyota Sequoia is much tighter in this regard, as it is 3.2 ft tighter in its approach, the exact specs are 38.1 ft vs the Toyota Armada's 41.3 ft. 

The Sequoia also provides the driver with much better minimum ground clearance than its counterpart, with the Sequoia having 9.6 inches of clearance and the Armada falls just short at 9.1 inches. This extra clearance allows the Toyota Sequoia to traverse rougher and bumpier terrain without having to come to a halt or damaging the vehicle. 

Safety and Security
The safety of you and your family is the number one priority of all manufacturers. The car can work, be aesthetically pleasing, powerful and have all the bells and whistles, but it needs to have the most important feature: your health and security. These titans both take this category seriously, and if you find yourself in a crisis, they can take care of you and even the youngest and older members of the vehicle.

The Toyota Sequoia and the Nissan Armada are both equipped with driver and passenger airbags, with the added safety of head airbags for side and front impact. During a collision, the seatbelt comes equipped with pretensioners to prevent your sway and keep you safer from possible concussions or further damage. The shoulder belts are height adjustable, and there are antilock brakes on all four wheels, so both vehicles come equipped with four-wheel drive. To prevent skidding, both vehicles have electronic stability systems and traction control. 

You will feel more confident when reversing and reduce your neck strain as the Toyota Sequoia and the Nissan Armada come well equipped for those tough situations with available rearview cameras.

Upon reviewing the above specifications, the Nissan Armada can be named the winner in this competition.  When deciding between these vehicles, also note there are different versions, so feel free to peruse our site for more information and don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to take a closer look.


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